From Blank Pages Community Swap - Round 2!
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I am your host, Diane Bohn (@fromblankpages) and am so excited to have you join us for a From Blank Pages swap! This is a great way to connect, make new friends, and use our creative muscles playing with From Blank Pages patterns.

Please READ THIS ENTIRE FORM before signing up. By submitting your answers you are agreeing to follow the rules and participate as expected. Please do not sign up if you know you will not be able to fully participate and meet the deadlines. I'm capping the swap to 50 participants at this time.

All posts, sharing, and communicating will take place in the From Blank Pages Community Facebook group. You must be a member to join the swap. (Join here and you must answer all the questions to be approved: OR go to You can share your swap posts elsewhere, but it will not be expected that participants respond outside of the Facebook group.

We will be using pattern by From Blank Pages. You can purchase and download all patterns in her shop here:
Please buy your own pattern and do not share the PDF with's illegal, bad manners, and unfair to the pattern maker.

All swap participants can save 20% OFF with code "FBPSwap". Expires 11/15/21.

Minimum size is 12 inches, largest size is 30 inches on any given side.
If making a pillow, common square sizes are 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch, but you can make any size. If you make an irregular size pillow, please include a pillow insert so your partner can use their pillow. Any size pillow form you can find on Joann's would be considered a common size.

(Check-ins will be open through the entire weekend)
Sunday 10/24 -     SIGN-UPS CLOSE
Thursday 10/28 -        MOSAICS DUE
Friday 10/29 -        PARTNERS SENT
Wednesday 11/10 -      CHECK-IN 1: Fabric Pull
Sunday 11/28 -      CHECK-IN 2: Progress Update
Friday 12/10 -      FINAL PICTURE DUE
Monday 12/13 -    US SHIPPING DATE

+ You may add some extras but please keep to a minimum so it's not a financial burden to anyone.


1. To keep things organized within the Facebook group, be sure to check-in on the specific posts, as well as tagging your posts and photos with "Swap" or "#swap".
There will be 2 check-ins during the swap and a check-in before mailing. You are required to check-in so that we can make sure everyone is on schedule to receive something. Put the dates in your calendar now so you don't forget. It will be a lot easier for the hosts if we don't have to come search everyone out.

We will give you a team name and tag to use in your partner info email so things aren't too overwhelming in the group. These tags will make it easy to find your team and know which posts to interact with.

2. Communicate. Communication is so important in a successful and fun swap. Post progress photos, ask for preferences, and be sure to comment on others posts and photos to help your partner know what you prefer and if they are going in the right direction. It's a lot more fun when everyone is active. And nothing is harder than making something for someone who never comments on anything. And be kind!

3. IMPORTANT: This is a SECRET swap. You will know who you are making for but will not know who is making for you. Do NOT let the person you're making for know that you are making for them - so don't tag their name in your photos. Keep it a secret so everyone is surprised when they receive their item.

4. Make a mosaic of inspiration photos of your likes: colors, style, patterns, etc. This will give your partner a good idea of what to make for you. These are due by Oct 28th, and you can start working on them and sharing them in the group as soon as you submit this form!

5. All swap items must include a From Blank Pages pattern (since it's a From Blank Pages swap). Find all patterns here: 

6. Life happens. We get it! If you need to drop out, please let Diane know ASAP so we can find an angel for your partner. If you have other questions or concerns, or will be late meeting a deadline, let us know. We're here to help.
7. Wait to ship until the shipping date. It's more fun when we all receive our items around the same time. Unfortunately it's difficult to plan exact shipping times for international shipping, but we will do our best! and be sure to thank your partner as soon as you receive your item!

8. Be kind! Life is pretty stressful right now, so let's have fun and be kind! There is no need to get upset or be cruel, so let's leave that outside of the group. We're here to create and to serve each other by making something we think our partner will love!

+ Do your best work. Give something that you'd be happy to receive.
+ You should already be familiar with FPP technique.
+ Put the scheduled dates in your calendar so you can check-in on time and mail on time.
+ This is a secret swap, but make sure to label your quilt so your partner can remember who made it.
+ Have fun and make new friends!

If you agree to all of the above, fill out the form and we look forward to swapping with you!!

*All questions are required. Please fill everything out the best you can to help your partner feel confident knowing they are making something you'll love.

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Please ensure all information is accurate so that your package can make it quickly to your home.
Are you willing to mail internationally? *
Are you a member of the Facebook group? If not, please join now before continuing. *
You can join here: Be sure to answer all the questions.
Facebook name, if different than your name above
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So your partner can stalk you and learn more about what you would like to receive. :) If you don't have an Instagram account, just type NONE.
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Quilting Experience *
What are your top 3 favorite From Blank Pages patterns that you'd like to receive? *
Browse the patterns here:
Share your favorites *
Fabric Designer, style of fabrics - aka, floral, geometric, traditional, solids, etc. Do you like a lot of negative space? Prefer scrappy? Tell us anything that will help your partner know your likes. Your mosaics should also show examples of these things.
Dislikes *
Is there a color you DO NOT have in your stash??  Or don't have a lot of. *
To help us find you the perfect partner. If you have no purple fabric, we don't want to give you someone who LOVES purple.
Do you have any allergies? *
Pet, or food - so someone doesn't send you nuts if you're allergic, etc.
In case someone is allergic to animals, do you have pets? *
If your partner makes something with words using the alphabet patterns, do you prefer... *
Are you willing to be an angel? *
Sometimes a maker needs to drop out or just doesn't make a project for their partner. Would you be willing to make a last minute project for another person? This would require a quick turnaround.
Anything else you'd like to tell your partner?
You can post more info on your mosaics too.
Do you agree to be an active participant by posting mosaics and progress photos in the Facebook group, and by commenting on others posts? *
The more active we are, the more fun it is, and the better our partner will get a feel for what we would like to receive. Which means we're more likely to receive something that we'll love! Plus, it helps us connect and make new friends!! Win/win!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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