2021 Union Generosity Card
Beloved Union Church Family, we have reached new heights in 2020 — the Year of Elevation — despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

And we’re going even higher in 2021!

We have an opportunity to grow during this unprecedented historical moment. In 2021, we intend to:
>> Pay down debt to provide financial freedom
>> Expand our mission, ministry, & reach through Digital Union
>> Secure our future through investments and property acquisition.

You can participate by making your intention to give in 2021 known to the Finance Team. Please kindly complete this Generosity Card (pledge card) by October 15th. Whether you commit to give $100 or $1 million, please let us know. We’re aiming for 100% participation from all members of the Union family! This information will confirm that our vision is achievable.

Beloved, we’re so excited about what God has planned for Union … will you contribute to the movement of Spirit?

- - -

This is our Online Genorisity Card for Union United Methodist Church. By filling this out, you commit to financially supporting the ministry and collective work of Union for next year 2021.

This first page collects important contact information. The second page is where you make your financial pledge for the year 2021. The third and final page is where you will give your digital signature to seal your commitment to Union Church.
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