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We are excited that you're interested in joining the People's CDC as a volunteer! Please complete this form to the best of your ability. All fields are optional except name and email address so that we may get in touch.  

If you're not interested in volunteering at this time, you can sign up for regular emails via our mailing list at this link instead.
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Are there particular working groups you're interested in helping out with?

Check all that apply -- you can help out with several! This helps us to get a sense of who to best connect you with as an initial introduction.
Do you have any relevant experience related to the work you might be interested in doing with PCDC? 

Note: Previous experience is NOT required for many of the things that we do; we can train and learn with you based on your interests. For example, we have several volunteers who've never done graphic design who now help with infographics; volunteers who don't have formal scientific training who've learned how to read scientific literature; and volunteers with certain specializations who prefer to focus their volunteering efforts elsewhere (like scientists who prefer to write, artists who prefer to work with community outreach efforts, etc.). This means that you should not feel discouraged about joining, even if you don't think you have the "right" experience. 

At the same time, we certainly are on the lookout for certain areas of expertise. So, please -- take this space to brag about yourself and your experiences! 
Is there anything that PCDC isn't doing that you're interested in helping with?

Example: Maybe you've thought to yourself, "I wonder why PCDC isn't doing XYZ yet..." This will help us to get you connected to PCDC members who are working on similar projects.
Do you need to keep your PCDC participation anonymous? 

Many of our volunteers wish to remain anonymous due to the nature of their jobs. Some of our volunteers work within public health, and given our criticism of the CDC -- it might not be a great idea for their names to appear on certain publications or lists. Should that be the case for you, we want to be sure to keep your identity safe. 

Note: You can always change your mind, this just helps us to set you up for a good experience in terms of whom we have contact you first!
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