Registration for Expo Global Village
August 19th Friday, during the Adform Expo.

Global Village is one of the biggest celebration of cultures from around the world. This year we have a chance to represent our country and office cultures and share with each other how we live, to show the uniqueness of our cultures.
Goal: to share and celebrate the cultures we have @ Adform.

1. Display of souvenirs, photos, magazines and food, drinks from the different countries
2. To prepare the performance which represents your culture/office (dance, song, demonstration, some fun interaction with the public) (optional)

Guidelines for the Global Village:
- You can participate and present your country culture, office or both
- The global village will be open before the dinner
- In order to participate @ Adform Global Village please fill the registration form

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Živilė Einikytė and Antanas Štrimaitis.
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