Book Your Puja in the Holy Dhams of Bengal
Hare Krishna, Please select from the below options to choose where you want to offer your Puja. Your puja shall be offered within 15 - 60 days depending upon the location you choose. The charge we accept includes the cost of Puja offerings, Vaishnava seva, Temple donation and Transportation costs. In addition to glorifying the Lord and offering puja on behalf of you and your family, we shall offer our earnest prayers for your spiritual well-being. Though we have our connections across Bengal and we could have simply arranged for your puja over the telephone, yet we would personally visit the temple to ensure that your puja is offered in the best possible manner.
Prayer to the Lord and His pure devotees is very essential for one's spiritual progress and it helps draw the causeless mercy of the Lord. Your Puja offering also includes a temple donation amount, that shall help serve these ancient exalted dhams and thereby further please the Supreme Lord. So this is a very rare opportunity to serve the transcendental abode of Gauda Mandala Bhumi and its guardians.This is a great service that you would be part of and this is charity in the mode of Goodness, which is recommended in the Vedic scriptures.

datavyam iti yad danam ,diyate nupakarine
deshe kaale ca patre ca ,tad danam sattvikam smritam
(Bhagavad Gita 17.20)

Please check out the website link besides each option below ,to know more about the list of the ancient temples/deities where we would be offering your Puja.We shall try to offer your Puja in most of the temples (if not all) mentioned in the link against each option. Please also check the cost mentioned against each option you choose.If you choose more than one checkbox below, you might be eligible for some great discounts as well. We shall email you, the final revised price you need to pay for the puja in that case (if you select more than one checkbox).
You can choose either one or multiple checkboxes below. If you wish us to offer your puja to some other Gaudiya Vaishnava temple (in Bengal), not mentioned below, please click on the 'others' option and mention the temple details.

Once you send in your responses we are going to get back to you with the relevant links to pay.
Please note that we do not courier prasadam or any puja paraphernalia to your physical address. We email pictures that we capture while the puja offering is being made (if the temple allows us to click pictures).
Thank you.

Your servant
Diptiman Gaurahari das &
Diptimayi Vishnupriya Devi dasi

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