Tuttle Community and Business Partnerships in Education
This survey will help Tuttle High School and its feeder schools build a database of community members and businesses that are interested in partnering with us in volunteerism, career awareness, exploration, mentorship, and/or internships. A variety of careers exist as options for our students; however, many students view careers through a limited lense causing them to leave high school without an actionable or realistic plan for the future. The OK ICAP (Individualize Career Academic Plan) intends to help students have a better understanding of career path options before leaving high school. Your involvement, big or small, can help our students narrow down their interests and options for the future. Thank you for investing in the future of Oklahoma's workforce. Additionally, some community members may want to volunteer time or resources for school activities or normal classroom events. These volunteers are appreciated greatly as well.
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If you selected tutoring as an interest, please mark the subject(s) in which you can assist through tutoring.
If you can teach a skill or lead a project, please provide a brief description of activities you are comfortable demonstrating or teaching (may list more than one).
If you have a service learning opportunity for students, please provide a brief description of the community service idea that you could help organize.
If you are interested in a business/school partnership through any of the methods listed in the checklist, please list the career fields in which your business could provide insight and learning opportunities through various departments/roles.
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