Raider Summer School 2019
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PE 1 and PE 2 are the only courses that have registration fees. If you are enrolling in PE 1 or PE 2, you will need a credit card to pay fees when you submit this form. There is an additional fee of about $1.00 to use online payment. You will be linked to the payment site when you submit this form.
If you want to enroll in PE 1 or PE 2, but prefer to pay by cash or check, you cannot register online and will need to visit the High School Main Office to register. ****Do Not Use This Form. Close your browser window to exit****
Students who live outside of the TSC school district may enroll in summer school courses as tuition students. For more information and to complete enrollment, please contact Dawn Caldwell at the Harrison High School Main Office (765-772-7606). ****Do Not Use This Form. Close your browser window to exit ****.
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