Corporate Conservation Programme membership
With 20 years of pioneering the cause of on-ground biodiversity conservation in the Northern Western Ghats, AERF (Applied Environmental Research Foundation) is introducing the ‘Corporate Conservation Programme’ (CCP) which is specifically tailor-made to address the very issue of environmental sensitivity and disconnect amongst the young working population of our society. After spearheading the concept of ‘participative conservation’ for the local communities in Maharashtra, AERF is looking to engage the urban class in on-ground conservation activities through CCP.
The programme has been designed to imbibe a feeling of responsibility towards the environment and for ‘nature lovers’ to become actual ‘doers’ through such activities. It is also a channel to inculcate the refined analytical minds of the educated class to correct a global problem with global repercussions.  
By signing up as a CCP member, you will get:
1. Introductory course on biodiversity with a field trip
2. Quarterly Newsletter that would contain member experiences, suggestions, successful CSR initiatives and articles on nature and biodiversity
3. Field projects that CCP members can be a part of
4. Talks once or twice a year by eminent conservationists from India and across the globe
5. Discounted ecotourism trip once a year
6. Quarterly Live interaction with AERF directors on ongoing work and conservation approaches
7. Access to AERF knowledge repository containing articles in the field of conservation
8. 20% discount on My Forest Merchandise (
9. 80G Benefits

Cost of membership : Rs. 10000 for a year.  

Given the current pandemic situation and travel and quarantine restrictions, we will not be able to carry out any field work with CCP members(1, 3, and 5). Instead, we will be using Rs 7000/- of the Rs.10000/- annual membership fees to preserve an acre of old growth forest. You will be given a 'Conservation Stewardship Certificate' stating the same.

We request you to please spread word about this program among your friends and colleagues so we can build a community of like-minded individuals who want to be part of our mission to save our natural reserves and build sustainable livelihoods!
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