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戶外瑜伽 Outdoor Yoga:
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與朋友、家人來一次雙人戶外瑜伽體驗﹗工作坊由觀 瑜伽策劃,讓參加者在藝術公園的草地上一邊感受海風一邊學習各種有趣好玩的瑜珈動作。
日期:2019年2月24日 (星期日)

對象:家長及 3 歲以上小孩
人數:最多 10(對)

人數: 12

人數:最多 10(對)

• 各瑜伽工作坊均會預留少量名額供市民即場參加。
• 參加者需自備瑜伽地蓆、毛巾及水樽,建議穿著舒適的衣服。
• 場地不設更衣室及淋浴設備。
• 現場不設個人物品寄存服務,請妥善看管隨身攜帶的財物。
• 家長需負責照顧小孩安全,參加者必須確保其身體健康狀況及體格適宜參加工作坊,如有任何不適或疑惑,請務必和導師溝通,切記請勿勉強,請量力而為。
• 所有參加者或其家長均須簽署免責聲明書。

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觀 瑜伽 Yoga GOM
觀 瑜伽成立於2018年底,致力向大眾推廣以瑜伽為主的各種提升自我觀察能力的練習。將於2019年設立實體會址,希望到時能為大家提供一個一起學習自我覺察的地方。
GOM, 「觀」的諧音,也是藏文「禪」的意思

Michelle - 自2011年完成第一個瑜伽導師課程後, 她分別在印度和香港修畢多個瑜伽導師課程。她主要教授針對頸部、肩膀、下背和髖關節相關的瑜伽治療課程。同時她也會透過教授兒童瑜伽和親子/家庭瑜伽,傳遞正念的訊息。
Michelle 熱愛自然,更喜歡到世界各地登山。她也正在學習禪修,並希望能在日常中應用所學。

Hinson - 沃土瑜伽創辦人,自2014年開始教授瑜伽,也兼職參與農務工作。透過瑜伽和種植,他了解到自己的身體和自然中的各種生命都是我們最好的人生導師,教導我們如何照顧自己和身邊的人。


Outdoor Yoga
Looking for new ways to connect with your children or partner? Join us for an outdoor partner yoga workshop supported by Yoga GOM and learn simple yoga poses for two while you take in the beautiful scenery of the Art Park and the refreshing sea breeze.
Date:24 Feb 2019 (Sun)
Venue: Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

(A) Kids & Parent Yoga
Build mindful family relationship with yoga practice and games designed for kids and parent interaction
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Target: Parents and ages 3 or above
No. of Participants: 10 pairs (Max.)

(B) Yin-Yang Yoga
Start the “Yang” side practice with sun salutation and standing postures to warm your body up in the first half, the second half of the class is more “Yin” in nature so that we can spend some good time observing the subtle changes happening to our body during different Asana practices.
Time: 3pm – 4pm
Target: Healthy adults of 18+
No. of Participants: 12

(C ) Partner Yoga
Through the practice of Yoga Postures and breathing exercise, we are going to have a better understanding of our own body and that of our partners. The practice can also promote better and closer relationship between the two.
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Target: Healthy adults of 18
No. of Participants: 10 pairs (Max.)

• Limited quota reserved for walk-in participants
• Participants are required to bring their own yoga mats, towels and water bottles. Please wear comfortable clothing appropriate for movement.
• No changing room and shower facilities are available on site.
• No cloakroom service is available. Please take care of your personal belongings.
• Parents should take good care of your kids for safety reason. Participants must ensure they are medically and physically fit to participate in the workshop. Participants are responsible for their own physical condition and that of their kids. Please do not hesitate to communicate with the teacher in case of doubt or experiencing any discomfort.
• All participants or their parents should sign the Waiver of Liability and Declaration.

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About Yoga GOM
Established by the end of 2018, Yoga GOM aims to promote yoga and other self-awareness enhancing practices. We are going to set up our new studio in 2019, wish to practice with you together soon!
GOM means “Zen” in Tibetan language, the sound “GOM” is also homophonic to that of our name in Chinese.

About the Teachers:

Hinson - Founder of Soil.Yoga, teaching yoga since 2014, he is also a part-time farmer who loves the nature. Through the study of Yoga and farming, he hopes to be able to serve himself and people around better.
Completed yoga teacher training courses in multiple places in India and Hong Kong.

Michelle Yau - Completed her first yoga teacher training in 2011, she continued her learning journey ceaselessly and finished several other trainings throughout the years in India and Hong Kong. She teaches yoga therapy on neck, shoulder, lower back and hips. She also teaches kids yoga and family/partner yoga guided by mindfulness principles.
Michelle loves nature and hiking in different countries. she also practice meditation and try to apply it in her daily life.
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