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Provide an IMDb listing w/ directing credits or other resource that will put film lovers in contact with 1 woman director and her films.  And if possible include links (used to draw filmography into #DirectedbyWomen Timelines for each director).

Also enter as many other useful, film related online resources as possible, so film lovers everywhere can fall madly in love with her work and wildly celebrate her during the 5th #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party September 1 -  30, 2019... and beyond! Join the party!

Information you share here will contribute to building this resource: - - which is a labor of love, an evolving resource intended to honor and celebrate as many women film directors as possible... worldwide.  


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TheMovieDb !! This info is used to build #DirectedbyWomen Timelines !!
Adrienne Shelly Foundation
Doc Alliance
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Hong Kong Women Filmmakers
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