Skype Visit with Author Heidi Schulz
Types of Sessions—For Schools, Libraries, and Book Clubs

**FREE 15-minute Skype Q&A**

These visits are intended for groups who have read one or more of Heidi's books and, with instructor guidance, have prepared questions ahead of time. Visits are scheduled every 20 minutes during the selected time period—or for book clubs, on the occasional evening. Sessions are offered on a first come, first served basis until Heidi's schedule is full.

Cost: FREE (one per class, per year – additional sessions may be scheduled as paid visits)

**Skype Author Visits – Full Presentation Plus Q&A**

These longer Skype sessions are similar to my in-person author visits and writing workshops. They’re 40-45 minute sessions that begin with a 25-minute presentation on the writing process, using a book of your choice as a focus title and discussing the behind the scenes work that goes into making a book—including using real life experiences to create stories, brainstorming, research, and drafting and revision. We wrap up with 15-20 minutes of Q&A with students. These sessions are available via Skype or other video conferencing services.
Or, if you prefer, any of the workshops listed at may be adapted as virtual visits. These are full-length presentations that include visuals.

Availability: flexible – see below to request date/time.
Time: 45-60 minutes
Cost: $250
To request a visit, please answer all of the following questions. Heidi will follow up to confirm as soon as possible.
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School Skype Visits are scheduled every 20 minutes, on the dates above, from 10:00am— 2:00pm PACIFIC TIME. Please select as many of the following times that will work for you. *
FULL PRESENATION ONLY: Please list three dates and times (PACIFIC TIME ZONE) that will work for you. Heidi will work to accommodate your schedule.
BOOK CLUBS ONLY: Please list three dates and times (PACIFIC TIME ZONE) that will work for you. Heidi will attempt to fit a visit into her schedule.
How many students/participants will be in the group, and what grade(s) will be included? *
Which of Heidi's books will the students have read prior to your Skype visit? (This is required for free Q&A sessions and optional but recommended for all other visits.) *
What is your username on Skype? (If you do not have a username yet please go to, sign up for Skype, and get one before completing this form.) *
Please provide a classroom or cell phone number where you can be reached on the day of our scheduled visit. This needs to be a phone that is with you and *turned on* at the time of your visit. It is the number Heidi will call if there are any technical difficulties. *
Do you plan to distribute book order forms to give your students the opportunity to order personalized, signed books through Heidi's local store The Book Bin after your Skype visit? (This isn’t required, but it’s very much appreciated and also helps add to student excitement. If you do not know if your school allows this or if your teachers are willing to participate, please find out before submitting this form.) *
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Questionnaire inspired by Kate Messner and used with her permission.
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