Media Services Application
This is the second part of the application. Part one is a paper form that you can get from either guidance or Mr. Rice. Answer these questions honestly. They are not designed to determine whether you get in the class, but rather to help make sure that if you get in you can focus on an area that you are interested and comfortable in. You don't have to be good at or interested in everything that goes on in the media center... just willing to help out and interested in pursuing some part of the class out of personal interest.

I want the experience to be as fun as possible while still giving you a chance to learn skills that you are interested in. More than that, I hope you can experience a class where you can practice being treated like a responsible adult. That way we can all have fun and still get a lot done.

Name *
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ID Number *
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How comfortable are you engaging teachers and other students? *
I don't like to make eye contact
Where's the stage?
How interested are you in gathering information about what goes on around MHS and sharing it with others? *
People need to take an interest in the world around them!
How comfortable would you be leading a team of other students and taking responsibility for making sure tasks get finished? *
I would rather follow than lead
I crave power..... mwahahaha!
Rate your artistic/design ability. *
Can't draw a straight line
I am the next Rembrandt
Rate your technological abilities. *
Computers break when I touch them.
I could probably learn to code if I wanted to
Are there any particualar areas of technology you are interested in?
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Why do you want to be in the class? What do you hope to get out of it? *
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