Interfaith Muse Artist Questionnaire
Thank you for contacting us about participating in an Interfaith Muse event. Our Artists in Conversation live events happen quarterly and consist of panels with 2-3 artists and writers. Our Eavesdrop podcast is more frequent; each is a one-on-one interview.

We seek emerging or established artists and writers whose work engages spiritual questions to participate. Participants should be interested in sharing their work (reading, performance, display) and discussing their art-making process and spirituality in dialogue with one or more artists during an evening event. We seek a freshness of voice and approach, and eagerness to participate in conversation.

We prioritize showcasing a range of artists and writers across faiths and demographics, especially those from historically marginalized groups.

Please answer the following questions to give us a sense of whether your work is a good fit for this program. Our goal is not to limit the program to particular kinds of artists or religious practitioners, but to provide our audience with survey of experiences and creative work, and when creating an event with an array of artists, to pair panelists together well. Please visit our website ( or our facebook page for for more information.

We seek artists whose religious or spiritual experience is significant to their lives and creative work. Please describe your religious/spiritual affiliation, disciplines, origins, or community below. *
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What kind of artistic/literary work do you do? Are you established in your field? Emerging? Where might we have seen your work?
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Have you ever participated in a panel discussion before? What was the circumstance?
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Why are you interested in interfaith conversations?
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Do you identify as a member of a marginalized group (gender, race, class, religion, sexuality, immigrant status, etc.) If so, please indicate below. This information is for the purpose of creating panels with varieties of experiences and for supporting artists whose voices are heard less often.
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Are you willing to be interviewed for the Eavesdrop podcast as well as or in place of the irregularly scheduled live events? *
Where did you hear about this opportunity? *
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Your best contact information (This will not be shared.) *
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Thank you for your answers!
Please feel free to send us any other information you think might be useful--CV, website links, etc. (interfaithmuse dot gmail dot com.)

As this is a small, volunteer-run project, it may take some time to get back to you, but your interest is very much appreciated!

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