2019 CESA 5 Youth Apprentice Scholarship Application
Please use this form to apply for CESA 5's Youth Apprentice Scholarship. Your responses cannot be saved once beginning the application process, so you may consider collecting all of your application documents before beginning. This application will ask for the following items:

List of postsecondary institutions or programs to which you have been accepted.

Identify your program enrollment or chosen/intended major.

Three letters of recommendation on organization letterhead, including one from each of the following:
1) Your Youth Apprenticeship supervisor
2) One instructor who has had you in class, but was not you Youth Apprenticeship supervisor
3) Your Apprenticeship work supervisor or employer

Link to your resume.

2 Personal Statements:
1) In what ways has your Youth Apprenticeship experience prepared you for continuing your education in this career pathway? (1,500 character limit)
2) What are you career goals? (1,500 character limit)

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