HAJFL Coaching Agreement Form
Howell Area Junior Football League Coaching and Staff Agreement
I do hereby agree to read, understand, and abide by the regulations as set forth by the Howell Junior Football League, including the following:

1. The Policies & Procedures, and philosophy of the Howell Area Jr. Football League (Bylaws and Policies & Procedures available at www.hajfl.com).
2. The Playing Rules; as set forth in the Bylaws and Policies & Procedures document in their entirety as set forth by the Livingston County Area Junior Football League.
3. For the convenience of the HAJFL Parents, I understand all teams on my color will practice on the same days, set by the commissioner.
4. Submit information & approve a background check.
5. Attend all LCAFJL mandatory coaches meetings
6. Attend all HAJFL/HHS mandatory coaches clinics & meetings
7. Coaching staff is required to open and/or close the field on my team’s home game days (if double day – early team opens, late team closes)
8. Work at/attend my team’s equipment pick-up, equipment turn-in dates.
9. Submit play count chart to commissioner after every game, verifying all my players receive at least the minimum 6 plays per half.
10. Varsity Coaches: collect shoulder pads and helmets at the last game, return them to the designated area set by the commissioner, and complete a player profile for outgoing 8th graders for High School Coach post-season.
11. Illustrate sportsmanship for players, coaches and staff at all times, treating each child, parent, coach, and referee with respect.
12. Complete any required certifications.

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