Leimert Park Radical Imaginings General Survey
Great Streets in Mayor Garcetti’s Office is working with Leimert Park Village, Inc. and the Leimert Park Village community to improve your street. We are preparing to develop a vision for the future of Degnan Blvd. between Leimert Park Plaza and 43rd Street, and W. 43rd Place between Crenshaw Blvd. and Leimert Blvd. We want to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with us!
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1. What is your primary reason for coming to Leimert Park? (Mark all that apply) *
2. How do you usually get to Degnan Boulevard/ 43rd Place? (Choose one) *
3. When do you visit Degnan Boulevard/ 43rd Place? (Choose one) *
4. How ofthen do you visit the following? (Select all that apply)
Less than once a month
1-3 times/month
1-3 times/week
Leimert Park Plaza
People Street Plaza
Other businesses
Arts/Cultural Venues
5. What do you like about Degnan Boulevard/43rd Place? (Select all that apply) *
6a. Which of the following needs improvement on Degnan Boulevard/43rd Place?
Low Priority
Medium Priority
High Priority
Sidewalk Condition/Material
Crossing the Street
Speed of Cars
Street Furniture/Shading Areas
More Shade
Business Signage/Facades
Economic Impact of Festivals/Special Events
6b. What specifically are your concerns?
7. When I think of my community, I would like to see (Choose one) *
8. Which elements would make Degnan Boulevard/W 43rd Place better? (Mark your top 3) *
9. Do you have any other comments about this project? *
10. What other amenities would you like to see come to Leimert Park?
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11. Would you like to hear more? If yes, how would you like to be contacted?
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