Tipsy Wine & Spirits Event Questionnaire
Want to host a wine or spirits event? Just answer the questions below and we'll come back with recommendations and a quote.
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Are you interested in one of our themed events or would you like to design your own? *
We currently offer Women Winemakers, How to Order Wine Like a Pro, Obscure But Amazing Wines and a Bourbon Tasting.
If you'd like to design your own, what would you like to serve or what theme are you interested in?
Just red wine, just white wine, biodynamic wines only, just whiskeys, just vodkas and so on.
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What is your budget? *
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If yes, just pairings to go with the wine/spirits or additional appetizers/desserts?
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Do you have kitchen facilities and appropriate glasses, flatware, serving platters, plates and so on? *
If not, what will you need us to provide?
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