New Google Certification Q & A
Q & A Hangout about What's New with the new Google Apps Learning Center & Certification Process
Interested in Hanging Out to talk about what's new with Google offers for schools? First Hangout Feb 4
Elizabeth McCarthy just got back from BETTS conference and Lucie deLaBruere is currently at FETC where Google unveiled some new tools for schools. We'd love to hangout and provide updates about what we've learned while attending recent Google launch events. Interested in Hanging out with us to learn more or ask questions. Sign up below and we'll send you and invite to the hangout. If you can make more than one time, please check more than 1 box so we can accommodate interested folks with the 10 per hangout limit.

This Hangout will focus on the new Google Training Center and new Certifications. Hangout Date: Tuesday Feb 4, 2014.

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