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Future City starts every year with an important challenge topic—how can we make the world a better place? To answer it, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future that showcase their solutions that address worldwide sustainability issues. This year's theme, "Powering our Future," challenges teams to design an innovative power grid that can withstand and quickly recover from the impacts of a natural disaster.

Future City Iowa is looking for volunteers to help with the Regional Competition and there are lots of ways to get involved! Please fill out the form below to indicate your preference(s). Thank you for supporting these ambitious students and volunteering for Future City Iowa!

Volunteer Roles:
Initial Judging Event on Saturday, January 12, 2019
Location: Cedar Hall (Rooms 1037 and 1036), 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
-- City Essay Judge: reads and scores the City Essay deliverable based on rubric

-- Virtual City Judge: views and scores the Virtual City deliverable based on rubric

Regional Competition Event on Saturday, January 19, 2019
Location: Prairie Point Middle School, 8015 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
-- City Presentation Judge: listens to team presentations and scores City Presentation deliverable based on rubric (in group with City Model Judges for presentations)

-- City Model Judge: listens to team presentations, checks if physical model meets requirements, and scores City Model deliverable based on rubric (in group with City Presentation Judges for presentations)

-- Special Award Judge: listens to team presentations and checks models to determine a winner for a specific Special Award based on a rubric or criteria provided by the sponsoring company

-- Room Monitor: runs timer for presentations and questions, ensures judges ask at least three questions including the Mandatory Questions, and ensures student presenters are ready to present on time and leave the room on time for the next presenters to get ready

-- Tabulator: enters in scores once Judges complete rubrics for each team

-- Runner: takes rubrics from Judges and brings them to Tabulators

-- General Volunteer / Fill-In: fills in any needed roles (e.g. another volunteer or judge calls in sick) and is on-call for general help during the day of the Regional Competition. More specific duties will be assigned and explained as needs are figured out!

*Please note that you may be asked to fill a different role if the one you indicate below is already full

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