Kereru Kids Questionnaire
How much do you know about our inquiry topic at the moment?
nothing at all
everything, I know the topic and what the class is working on
Do you know what your child's writing goal is at the moment?
Please list the 10 most important skills you believe your child needs for their future
Your answer
Do you know what topic we are focusing on in Maths at the moment?
We are using Computer and digital technology lots in class, how do you feel about your child using these tools to support their learning?
I dont like it at all
I feel it's essential for my child
Would you like to see more of what your child is working on each week?
Would you like the chance to make comments about the work your child is doing each week?
Research tells us that if parents know about, and give their kids feedback, they learn faster and better - we could help make that happen!
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