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Description : A vision statement describes what our Institute will look like in the future. It is an inspirational description of present conditions and where the organization is going in the near future. It is an extension of the emotions and feelings of the LIT family.
College Vision: To be a World Class Institution in Creating and Disseminating Knowledge through a contemporary and rigorous educational experience that facilitates our students to be technologically competent and ethically strong to serve the society for the betterment of mankind
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Description : Our mission statement describes our fundamental and unique purpose. It answers the question "How will we achieve our vision?
College Mission:
We, At Loyola Institute of Technology Dedicate and Commit Ourselves To
1. Achieve, Sustain And Foster Unmatched Excellence In Technical Education 2. Provide An Intellectually Inspiring Environment For Creative Learning And Research 3. Collaborate With Industry And Research And Development Organizations To Promote Innovative Research, employability And Entrepreneurship For Nation Building
4. Inculcate High Regard For Ethical Practices And Understanding Human Values.
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