TARGET Candidate Submission Form
The goal of this form is to nominate new genes that, when altered in cancer, are linked to clinical actions. These actions include predicting response or resistance to targeted therapies, and/or having prognostic or diagnostic utility.

Each gene requires a separate entry and new entries are reviewed quarterly. If your entry is selected for inclusion, you will be notified and acknowledged as the entry expert if you approve.

If you have specific questions related to TARGET, please contact us at:

For information regarding the TARGET gene set, please see:

Van Allen EM, Wagle N, et al. In Review 2013.


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You may select one or more alteration category types that link genes to clinical actions.
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Please provide clinical actions as specifically as possible and include citations as either PubMed IDs, Abstract IDs, or URLS in parentheses (e.g. "1. BRAF V600E somatic alterations are associated with response to RAF inhibitors in metastatic melanoma (PMID: 21639808, 22356324).") Please number clinical actions and include only one per line.
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