Snow Goat Skimo 2019 Survey
This past season was our first year organizing the first Washington skimo series. We are a young organization and want to improve! Our goal is to bring challenging, exciting, and community driven skimo races to the Pacific Northwest. Your opinion and thoughts are highly valuable in directing our efforts on what YOU, the racers and volunteers, want to see!

As an added bonus, we are raffling away a free entry to a race next year. Anyone who submits a survey before Sunday night, May 5th, is entered to win.

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Which Snow Goat Races did you do this year?
Did you race in the Open or Rec category?
How did you feel the overall course difficulty was?
How did you feel the downhill ski portion was for difficulty level?
Are you interested in a skimo race that has some technical rope sections? Perhaps a fixed rope climb or a rappel into a slot. Extra gear requirements would involve at least a harness and associated safety gear.
Photos are a great way to take memories away from a race. We want to make sure you are able to get some sweet shots of yourself out there crushing it! We are curious what you would prefer to compensate photographers for their hardwork. Would you prefer:
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