Giwayen Mata - Kwanzaa Freshii 2023 Attendee Form
Thank you for completing our 1-minute form. Your participation helps Giwayen Mata obtain funding support for more free and low-cost programs. Want to enjoy more Giwayen Mata performances? Answer the brief questions below. Let's get started! 
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1. What is your connection to the arts community? 
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2. Do you identify as a person who has a limitation (such as physical, cognitive, mobility, etc.)? 
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11. What was THE MOST important factor that motivated you to attend the Kwanzaa Freshii event?
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12. How did the Kwanzaa Freshii event impact you or make you feel?
13. How often do you attend Giwayen Mata Dance Classes?  
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14. If you do not attend Giwayen Mata Dance Classes, are you interested in attending?
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