Growing up QAL survey
Whether you stitched along, just followed the blog or fell off the QAL wagon, I would really love to hear your opinions!
I am planning a new QAL for 2018 so your answers will shape the future events!
What was your involvement in the QAL? *
If you stitched less than 2 blocks (or if you didn't follow along at all), what were the reasons for not participating? Mark all that apply
If you participated, which aspects made you stay on track?
What about the Smashing Quilt Sashing series?
If you had the chance to CHANGE something about the way the QAL is run, what would you change (feel free to list whatever your heart tells you!!)
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If you had the chance to KEEP something the same in the next QALs, what would you do the same?
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Any other thought you want to share with me about this QAL and future ones? Techniques that you would like to be featured? Things that you don't really care about? Comments about my instructions and explanations? Anything that you want to share! I will read all the comments and take them into account for future events!!
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