KSS Camping 2018 Registration form
Kannada Sangha of Sacramento – Camping Trip July 28 - 29 2018

Summer is here and so is camping time for Kannada Sangha of Sacramento!

Camping experience is where you can munch on namma oota, sing along to annavara and other haadugalu and also participate in various other activities. Well, we would love to do that and invite all of you to join this camping experience that this year’s KSS team is hosting.

Where is this exciting event happening?
Camp Site name: Negro bar camp site, Folsom, CA.
Address: Negro bar state park, Folsom, ca

I cannot wait to experience it, when is it happening?
Check in time 1: July 28th, Saturday 1:00 PM.
Checkout time: July 29th, Sunday 11:00 AM.

I would love to come, how do I register for it?
Registration is a 2 step process.

1) Please pay the required amount at the link below

2) Also complete this form with your personal details and the receipt information from step (1)

Camping registration is on first-come-first serve basis since the maximum number allowed is 50 people

Please note that the registration amount is not refundable, but KSS may allow transfers at its discretion.

Can I bring my kids, parents or other relatives?
Definitely Yes - as much as you would love to bring your near and dear ones, we would love to have them amongst us. We are even offering a discount on registration for kids and Parents visiting from India (See below for more details)

How much would it cost me to register?
•Adult -- $40
•Children/ Parents visiting from India - $20

What should I carry with me?
All you need to bring is your camping gear (tents and sleeping bags), a lantern/torch/headlamp, bug repellents to enjoy the beautiful camp site. Please make sure you carry any personal medication with you.

What arrangements can I expect from KSS?
•KSS will provide lunch and dinner on Saturday as well as breakfast on Sunday.
•Parking is available at no extra cost.
•KSS will also organize fun and socializing activities to spice up the camping experience.

We look forward to seeing all of you at this year’s camp!

For further information, please contact Mr. Prasad at (916) 296-7086

Best Regards,
KSS Team 2018

Visit http://sackannadasangha.org/ to learn more about Kannada Sangha of Sacramento.
Under no circumstances, shall Kannada Sangha of Sacramento and/ or its Committee Members be liable for any type of damages, injuries or loss resulting from this event.
This event is conducted for Community development and individuals are responsible for any liabilities whatsoever
All the participants need to sign the written disclaimer form before camping begins.

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