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If you're a youth under 24 years old that would like to learn more or discuss about how Pride connects to the Black Lives Matter movement we invite you join us to watch and discuss! We had originally planned to screen the Netflix documentary "The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson", by David France but decided against this idea because it was shared with us that France had taken much of the content for his doc from the Black, Trans, filmmaker and archivist, Tourmaline Gossett.

Rather than screening the 1 hour and 45 minute Netflix documentary, we will be showing Tourmaline Gossett's short film "Happy Birthday, Marsha", as well as some other educational videos on LGBTQ+ History and the Movement for Black Lives, and discussing how all these topics connect.

For more information on this:
For more information about Tourmaline Gossett's Work:

We will still be discussing Marsha P. Johnson a Black Trans activist, most well known for her major role in the Stonewall Uprisings of 1969. The conversations that follow will be youth-focused, centering: Black Lives Matter, police brutality, the intersections of being Black, Queer, and Trans, as well as Black legacies we continue benefit from today.

Brave Space & Content Warning: Our discussions may include heavy topics such as transantagonism, racism, sexism, and police brutality. Participants are encouraged to first and foremost take care of themselves and are welcome to step away and rejoin the meeting as needed. We will also have therapists sitting on the call with us should anyone need to process individually in a break out room. Please note that participants will come from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences and will have varying relationships to the topics covered. We all learn in different ways and some of us do not have to be reminded that racism exists because we experience it in our daily lives. The following agreements are put in place to help facilitate an open and caring discussion.

5:30-5:45 PM    Introductions, Review of Community Agreements
5:45-7:00 PM    Film and Video Screenings and Discussion

                                                                         Community Agreements
1. Agree to center Black, Trans/Queer voices
2. Be respectful and present
3. Be discreet – folks may not be out to family members. Best to use headphones if this applies to you!
4. Take the lesson, not the story. Please respect the privacy of others.
5. Do not record folks who are in the virtual space. We are respecting people’s privacy doing this.
6. Mute your mic if your environment is noisy while others are talking.
7. One Diva, One Mic: do your best not to talk over each other, we know Zoom makes this extra hard!
8. Bubbles: If you are confused or need more information on a subject matter, drop the word "bubbles" into the chat and we'll make sure to explain
9. Respect each other's pronouns: in the beginning of the call we will ask all participants to put their pronouns in their name
10. Step up, Step back: if you find yourself talking a lot, wait a few moments to give others the chance to speak up, if you haven't spoken, do your best to share where you see fit.
11. Keep an open mind
12. Throw glitter, not shade: if someone says something you really resonate with, let them know! This is not a space to drag people, but to educate!

The Los Angeles LGBT Center's Community Action Network (CAN) Program works to empower LGBTQ+ and ally youth to become leaders in their schools and communities. If you have any questions, please contact us at

*The information provided in this form will be kept confidential and used for internal purposes only.
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