South Carolina Book Award Committee Application
I am aware that as a member of this committee my responsibilities include the following:
1) Maintaining my membership in SCASL for the duration of my time on the committee.
2) Attending the SCASL Annual Conference, present a booktalk for at least one book at the appropriate session for my committee, and taking a turn working in the book award section of the conference store.
3) Reading the books on the list of books under consideration (between 100-250 titles depending upon which committee you serve) to narrow the list down to the top 20 best titles.
4) Attending four Columbia-area meetings each year, plus the SCASL Conference. (You may miss only one Columbia area meeting. Missing a second meeting immediately removes you from the committee.)
5) Sending my votes to the committee chair if an emergency prevents my attendance.
6) Submitting twelve book titles for the next year’s consideration list.
7) Assisting in the creation of an online activity guide and multi-media resource for my committee’s nominees.
8) Serving for 2 years on this committee.

Remember if you have served on a book award committee recently, you must rotate off for two full years before applying again.
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