Questionnaire: Online BDD Learning Preferences
Welcome to the Online BDD Learning Preferences questionnaire. Our goal is to learn more about how we could better support the community with online learning material. Please help our work and fill it out even if you are not planning to use online learning for BDD nowadays!
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1. What form of online learning would you prefer for learning BDD-related topics (assuming that you would like to improve your skills)? *
2. Why do you prefer that form of online learning? Please explain your choice for the previous question with a few sentences. (optional)
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For the next questions, imagine you would attend an online course (instructor-led, small group interactive online course where the instructor gives guidance, can help you with the exercises and answers your questions). The course has been split to 5-6 x 3 hours blocks.
3. What would be the best schedule for the course? *
4. In case of half-day modules, what would be your preferred time for those? *
5. What is the earliest time for you to start with a course? *
6.What is the latest time to finish with the course? *
7. Which non-working times are suitable for you for an online course? (Choose all that is suitable for you.) *
8. Where do you live? *
9. What describes your role the best? *
10. What is your preferred BDD tool? *
11. Any other comments or suggestions? (optional)
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