Considerations for Reopening Schools - Survey
Please submit feedback regarding the consideration for reopening schools this feedback will aid the district in our continuous planning process.
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After reviewing the Considerations for Reopening Mississippi Schools published by the Mississippi Department of Education on June 8, 2020, which schedule do you feel would be the best option for the GLCD? *
When do you think students should physically return to the school buildings for the 2020-2021 school year? *
Assuming that schools would be allowed to open in August, would you send your child to school? *
My child or children will be in the indicated grade range and will be arriving by the indicated mode of transportation
Car Rider
Pre-K through 3rd Grade
4th Grade through 6th Grade
7th through 8th Grade
9th through 12th Grade
If school opens in the fall but the virus is still present and social distance and group size limits are in place, what learning environment is best for your child? *
What safety measures would need to be in place for you to be comfortable sending your child to school (choose all that apply)? *
What type of internet access do you have at home? *
Do you have a limited amount of data allowed for your internet access? *
Are all adults in your household currently working? *
How comfortable would you be picking up books, supplies, or equipment for children to use at home for distance learning or independent study? *
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