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What are you looking for in a big Sib? *
For example: Someone from your home state or undergrad, another second career student, someone with similar personal interests or similar career interests, or someone to drink with, etc.
Are you mostly... *
In three words how would you or a friend describe your personality? *
What are your non vet med related hobbies, sports, interests? *
Professional areas of interest *
For example: Small animal, large animal, mixed, research, dual-degree, etc...
What are you looking for in a Big Sib? *
For example: Someone from undergrad, another second career student, a mentor, someone who can answer all my questions, someone to go out with, etc.
What is your favorite salty/sweet snack (what do you like to stress eat/the more specific the better)? *
What is your favorite color? *
What is your favorite animal? *
What is your favorite type of food? (Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc)
What do you like to drink? (Can be alcoholic or non alcoholic)
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Interested in internships/residencies/specialties/research?
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Are you interested in joining any clubs?
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