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Instructions for the Applicants
(This is an Online Format for the Workshop to be filled-in online and submitted. Only the information asked for should be filled up. Any change / editing of the format from the side of the applicant will invalidate their data, and will not be accepted. After submission, a copy will automatically be sent to the applicant's email, which can be edited, if required and can be copied, pasted, and printed in A4 Size page. If selected, a Signed-in Printed Copy of the filled in proforma should be submitted while attending the workshop. Selected participants will be prepared to attend the workshop from 9.00 AM to 6.30 PM every day, with permissible lunch break. The decision of ICPR will be final in the matter of selection and conducting the workshop. The event will be held as per the dates in the advertisement and the same or any change will also be informed by email. Applicants will receive required information by email a few days after the last date. )
(Mention Name first and then the initial as Dr. / Asst. prof./ Associate Prof. / Prof ,etc. Do not drop them as they have an application in the format.)
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Nearest sub-discipline or Subject of the Present / Highest Qualification
For example: Philosophy, History, Sanskrit, Vyakarana, Sahitya, Darshana, etc.,
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Area of Specializations / Research Title in Brief (to be pin-pointed) in 1.Masters, 2.M.Phil, 3.Ph.D, 4.D.Lit./ post-Doc., 5. RA or Other Positions as applicable,
Specialization of each will be noted after the specific numerical given before each. If there is no specialization for an initial or intermediary stage, the numerical for that will not be mentioned. Example: 1. Vedanta, 3. Buddhism, 5. consciousness (Vedanta was spl. in MA, Buddhism in Ph. D and consciousness as I am RA, I donot have M.Phil nor Post Doc. )
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Area(s) of Current Research (to be pin-pointed), or if in or with Master Degree, area of future research interest
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Research Experience in No. of years in M.Phil+ in Ph.D + in Post-Doc / D.Lit.+ in Research Associate=Total Years of Exp.
(Example- 0+0+0+0=0. Put Zero for the stage of exp. that you do not have. P put no. of years in digits, if you have that exp. Four digits and three + have to be put up before =, and then total years of exp. )
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No. of Years of Exp. in Teaching in Colleges+in University= Total
(Example- 0+0=0. Put Zero for the stage of exp. you do not have. Put no. of years in digits, if you have that exp.
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Subject Areas of Teaching
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Give No.of Publications in the subject area of this workshop, if any
Keep in order of Books+ Noted Journals + in Proceedings=... total number of books. Ex.0+0+0=0
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Phone No.
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Category (GEN/OBC/SC/ST) and PC
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Starting Railway Station (Which can be found in railway website)
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Expected TA (in Rs. only numerical)
(Journey : by 3rd AC Rail fare + On Road) + (Return : by 3rd AC Rail fare + On Road )= ... ..total (by Shortest Route) *NB (Also See below) Avoid putting Rs. or /- or any other mark other than + and = .)
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Any Other Information:
If any, mention academic information, like title of your noted publications and researches made by you which can be considered by the selectors.
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I hereby declare that the information provided above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
After Selection Tasks:
If selected and called for, Signature of the Applicant / prospective Participant with date (in Hard Copy):
After Selection Tasks: For Research Scholars:-
If selected and called for, Signature of the Supervisor / HOD with date (in Hard Copy) thereby permitting and authorizing the scholar to attend the event selected for. Signature of the Supervisor / HOD :
Fare in Sleeper Class Train by shortest route may be reimbursed to the participants in order to accommodate more scholars under budgetary constraints. Participants should also be prepared to spend Rs.20.00 to Rs.30.00 per day in their travel from place of accommodation to the venue & return. Local Taxi/ auto rickshaw and Bus route payments will be made as per rule.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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