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Burroak Roots will be held on July 15 2022.  We are looking for volunteers. If you are interested please fill out the details below. Please fill out one for each  person or make a note if you are filling it out for more than one person and you want to be placed together.
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How old are you? (we don't really need to know a specific but don't want to ask anyone to do anything inappropriate for their age.  If you are under 18 please have a guardian help you fill this out.) *
Please review the volunteer needs below and click on any that interest you.  Whatever you check does not auto add you too all the time slots.   We will sort through to make sure we have enough spots for everyone and send you the schedule. *
Do you have any questions, additional information you want to share or concerns? Someone you want to be placed in the same time slot with?  Let us know!  
Thank you! We couldn't make this a successful event without you and are really looking forward to working together on Burroak Roots!  Please feel free to call me (Margo ) at 917-586-3957 or email at margo@parksarts.com if you have any additional questions
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