OnStep STM32 and ESP32 SHC Kit Order Form
This is the order form for the OnStep STM32 and ESP32-based SHC Kits. Items are marked in U.S. dollars... everyone knows how their local currency relates to the USD but almost no one knows how it relates to the Canadian dollar.

Please fill in all the required fields.

Once we receive the form, we will check the shipping costs with Canada Post, and reply back to you with how much it would cost. Shipping for single kits is generally in the range of USD$7.50 to the U.S., USD$10.00 to most of the E.U. and USD$12.00 elsewhere. Adding one of the SHC options could increase the shipping cost because it may push the package into a higher weight bracket (but will still be lower cost than ordering separately).

If everything is in stock, and you approve the cost, we will ship to you the next business day.

STM32 Kit Version
Which STM32 kit do you want us to ship?
Select one or more of the following, or none at all. Note that the SHC does not include a case - designs for a 3D-printable case are linked in the SHC assembly instructions. Note: Addon D (3x DRV8825 drivers) is no longer available.
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