Crowdsourced Cinema: Toy Story Sign-Up
For this year's Crowdsourced Cinema we're remaking Toy Story! Sign up your production team below and stay tuned for your assigned scenes.
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You can be younger than 18 to participate. We just want to know if youth are participating.
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Anyone can participate, we'd just like to know where teams are coming from!
Would you be comfortable being assigned a scene with mature content, such as graphic content and strong language? *
Would you be interested in composing the music for your scene? Are you signing up to be a musician for this year? *
How did you find out about the Crowdsourced Cinema project?
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By filling out this form, I am making a commitment to complete my scene by the deadline. I understand that Crowdsourced Cinema needs every scene to be finished on time. *
If I need to drop out for any reason, I will give NOM advance notice so they can find another team to complete my scene.
If all scenes are already taken, I would like to be put on the waiting list.
You will be offered a scene if a team drops out.
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