Ben Butler VA Service
I am a boutique VA business. I don't have a team, and I don't contract anything out. It's just me, which means you know exactly who is doing your work and who to contact with any questions, concerns, or funny jokes. =D All rates are somewhat negotiable depending upon what is needed.

Daily rates:

Facebook like or share, G+, Click Through, Yummly, and Instagram Threads:
$4.00 per thread. $10.00 for long threads.

Facebook/G+ like AND comment Threads:
$5.00 per thread

Twitter Threads:
$6.00 per thread or 3 for $15.00

Stumble Upon Threads:
$5.00 per thread

Pinterest Threads:
$6.00 per thread. Those things can be very time consuming.

Twitter Party Fill In:
$50.00. I will tweet as you using appropriate hashtags as well as AD.

Blog comment threads:
$6.00 for threads with 10 or fewer comments
$8.00 for threads with 10 – 20 comments
$10.00 for threads with 20 or more comments. $1.00 extra for every 5 comments over 30

Blog post editing:
$10.00 - $15.00 depending upon how much has to be done. This is mainly a service offered to bloggers who have contributors that are not proficient with SEO and wordpress.

Ghost writing. You provide the pictures:
$25.00 with no word cap. $20.00 bulk rate (3 articles per week minimum)
I know that most people charge less than this, but I have a SUPER fast turnaround time. I can usually have an article written up for you the same day. I've done everything from car reviews to sponsored posts on just about everything.

When I say I'll write an article, that means I'll shorten the bullet if required, find a GOOD keyword, SEO the article like crazy, tag the pictures if you've already dropped them in the post, use headings, etc.

Comment Response on the Backend:
$15.00 per hour. This means I'll go in as you on your blog and respond to all those messages that people leave on your blog articles.

After hours surcharge:
$10.00 for any service requested after 7:00 PM

References available upon request.

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