CHP Donor Survey 2020
Thank you so much for your support of Community Harvest Project! We are always looking for ways to improve. Please take five minutes to tell us about your donor experience. We appreciate your time and are grateful for you.
Please check all of the CHP programs you are aware of:
How did you first get connected to CHP?
What aspect(s) of our mission appeal to you? Check all that apply.
How do you prefer to be asked for funding support?
How do you prefer to donate?
If CHP planned the following events, how likely would you be to attend?
I'll be there!
Not interested
Donor Cocktail Party
Farm to Table Dinner and Auction
Family Day at the Orchard
Grafton Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Harvard Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Do you have any questions or concerns about our organization?
Do you have any recommendations for changes or improvements for us?
What is your age?
Please enter your email address to be entered into a drawing for a prize pack of CHP honey, vegetable greeting cards, and a CHP t-shirt! A winner will be chosen on January 31st.
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