Blueberry Bush Pre-Order Fall 2018
From Monadnock Berries, 545 West Hill Rd, Troy, NH 03465.

Important Info:
- Mature: these 8 to 30-year-old bushes are already bountiful producers of fresh berries! Most bushes fruit until they are 55-60 years old
- Priced by height and vigor of bush
- Dug with root balls from our fields and dropped into your truck or trailer with a backhoe in the field
- By appointment only 10/28 - 11/08
- 4 of the largest bushes can fit in a 6 ft truck bed or 6 in an 8 ft bed
- Dig your holes before pick up so you can plant the bushes ASAP, bushes must be planted at least 5 ft apart & we suggest mulching them.
- Sorted into Mid and Late cropping bushes. If you have a request for a specific variety, please leave a note and we will give you a call.
- At least two varieties are needed for successful pollination
- Hardy in zones 4 to 8 and need a p.H. of 4.0 to 5.0 (like rhododendrons)
- Prefer full sun, regular water, and good drainage
- The quantity of bushes under 6 ft tall is limited and those who pre-order first will be given priority
- if it is extremely wet for the whole 2 weeks, we will only have 6+ft mid-season bushes available, but the forecast looks good!
- We prefer cash, but can take credit with prior notice when we call to confirm your appointment

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Appointments for week of 10/28-11/2
Appointments for weekend 11/3 & 11/4
Appointments for week of 11/5 - 11/8
Mid-Season Bushes (crop from late-July to mid-August)*
Possible varieties included:
Duke (the earliest), Blue Jay, Patriot, Sierra, Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Berkeley
*if it is extremely wet we will only have 6+ ft mid-season bushes available
6+ ft Mid Bushes $125
5-6 ft Mid Bushes $100
4-5 ft Mid Bushes $75
3-4 ft Mid Bushes $75
1-3 ft Mid Bushes $75 or best offer
Late-Season Bushes (crop from late-August to late-September)*
Possible varieties included: Aurora, Liberty, Elliot (the latest)
*if it is extremely wet we will only have 6+ ft mid-season bushes available from a dry field
5-6 ft Late Bushes $100
4-5 ft Late Bushes $75
3-4 ft Late Bushes $75
1-3 ft Late Bushes $75 or best offer
special & bulk discount requests:
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