Midair 2021 Vendor Application
Our vendor hall acts as an online gallery for our viewers to browse through and find merchandise they’d like to purchase. As a vendor, you will be able to make an account login to our vendor page. You will then be responsible for customizing your own storepage on our vendor site. This can include things like store page link, social link, pictures of merchandise, pricing range, tags, etc (things to make it easier for customers to browse).

The vendor page is similar to a small store where your info and products will be displayed (commissions, physical art, digital art, plushies, etc.) Each product the you list can have a link to the your own store where a user can make the purchase.

Your vendor page will be showcased here on our website and promoted during the livestream on the day of the con. Please note that no art or merchandise will be sold on the site. Instead, examples of your work will be shown along with links to your store, commission sheet and/or where to contact you.

General Info and Rules:
- Both physical merchandise and digital art commissions will be accepted
- You must have a discord account and email where we can contact you
- You must have your own platform and/or process for selling physical goods or commissions
- No NSFW or inappropriate merchandise. All merch must be kept PG.
Vendor name/alias *
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