ELAG2013 questionnaire
Hi! Thanks for attending ELAG 2013. We would really appreciate it if you could fill in this form. It will help us and future organizers to make the next ELAG conferences even better!
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Did you attend a pre-conference? If so, which one?
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Do you have anything you want to say to the organizers of the pre-conference you attended?
If you attended a pre-conference, how would you rate the experience?
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What did you think of the venue?
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How would you rate the quality of the wifi?
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What did you think about the food?
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What did you think of the services provided at the registration desk?
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Which workshop did you attend?
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What did you think of this workshop?
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Overall, what do you think of ELAG 2013?
What could be done to make the organization of ELAG 2014 better than this year's edition?
Are there specific ideas and subjects that you would like to be adressed during next year's ELAG?
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