Film Festival Submissions 2018 Manaiakalani
We use this form to collect the details from each teacher about the movie/s they are submitting on behalf of their children for the film festival.
PLEASE give us the information requested because it is important to us eg we want your cell phone incase we need to contact you during post production to ask a question
School Name *
Name of teacher who has over all responsibility for this movie *
PLEASE give your first and last name eg Dorothy Burt This film festival is being supported by a number of people, from post production to programming to projection and these people do NOT all know you :)
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Teacher email *
Incase we need to contact you
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Movie Title *
This is the name we will put on the programme etc It needs to match the next question please. eg the title of my movie is Farm Visit.
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Movie ID ie the Name of the movie file you are submitting *
use this naming protocol for the movie file: School acronym_teachersurname_word from title of movie egSPX_Burt_FarmVisit Please make sure THIS entry and the question above match. Don't have a different name here.
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Genre of Film *
eg Documentary, Drama, MTV, Thriller etc etc this helps us with programming at a glance!
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Music used *
If you have a dominant music track, let us know. 'None' is a suitable response if you have something like a drama that only has sound effects and mood music effects We try eg not to programme two movies using the same music in succession
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Length of movie *
To the second please. eg 2m17sec If it is over 3.00m it will be sliced to 3.00m in post production. We have a new post production process this year and will be able to be even MORE precise. So keep to time.
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Teacher cell phone
In case we are desperately trying to contact you!
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