Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research Award Application
To encourage students to pursue their own original research, the Elliott School offers research awards.These awards are designed to help with student research expenses (e.g., data collection, the purchase of research materials, and project-related travel). To be eligible to apply, the student must be an Elliott School undergraduate who is enrolled in a Senior Thesis, Research Seminar, or Independent Study course.

Please fill out the following information to completion by 11:59 pm on Friday, October 18. Late applications with NOT be considered.
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Faculty Advisor approval must be submitted via email to jmwalker@gwu.edu. Student applicants may forward their faculty advisor's approval to jmwalker@gwu.edu. Applications without faculty advisor consent will not be considered. Please view announcement email for further information.
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*Such as: interviews, surveys, archival research, analysis of foreign language materials, etc. Please describe the skills you have that will enable you to undertake the research. What is your proposed timeline?
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