Harvard College Global Health & Leadership Conference Application
April 17-19, 2020
The Harvard Global Health and Leadership Conference encourages global health studies, disparity analysis, and community interventions. High School students are paired with Harvard undergraduates to obtain 1:1 peer-teaching and mentoring on a global health related civic project in their home communities. Students design, develop, and implement their ideas. Upon completion of these projects, the program cohort gathers at Harvard University for a weekend symposium of project presentations, networking, and learning about global health concepts, frameworks, and careers from Harvard students, faculty, and external experts. The diverse range of projects reflect the community-centered, evidence-based, and cost-effective interventions that the GHLC works with students to generate. Learning outcomes are bidirectional, fostering interdisciplinary and intergenerational collaboration between mentees and mentors. Each project provides an opportunity to educate youth, learn about issues, and support diverse communities.
Note about Applying
Completion of this form is 1 of 3 parts for acceptance to the 2020 Global Health and Leadership Conference.

There are 3 components that determine acceptance:
1. Online application (this form)
2. Teacher Evaluations
3. Interview (Conducted through free service like skype, google hangouts, etc)

If you do not receive a decision (waitlist, rejection, interview) from us after submitting this form, it means that we have not received your teacher evaluation.

There is a cost for attending the conference, but applying to the conference is free.

The Online Application
This form is split into several parts.
(1). Overview
(2). Identifying Information
(3). High School Information
(4). Extracurricular Activities
(5). Letters of Evaluation
(6). Activity Sign up (Project/ Case Study Competition/ Global Health Exam)
(7). Essays (Personal Statement & Statement of Interest)
(8). Logistics/ Submit

Each section will be arranged as follows:
-Section title
-Picture from a previous conference
-Section questions
-A testimonial from a previous student
-Our contact information in case you have any questions

Essay prompts
Here are the essay prompts, so you can start writing your responses in advance.

(1). Personal Statement (max 500 words)
-Help us learn more about you. If you are unsure what to write about you can find some suggestions here: https://www.commonapp.org/whats-appening/application-updates/2019-2020-common-app-essay-prompts

(2). Area of Improvement (max 150 words)
-Each year our students target for themselves areas of improvement. Other than the acquisition of new knowledge, what personal area do you think you have that could use strengthening? Design a plan as to how you could improve it.

(3). Returners only (max 300 words)
-If you have attended the conference in the past, please tell us the impact the conference has had on you.

Statement of Interest:
(4). Please Describe your prior experience with global/ public health (max 200 words)
(5). How will the GHLC benefit from your attendance (max 200 words)
(6). [optional] Anything else (max 500 words)

Deadlines & Costs
Testimonial: Asuka Sakagami (Japan)
“Not only was I inspired by all the speakers and stimulated by the peers who attended the conference, but I was also able to make friends and get to know all the great people!”
Contact info@harvardvision.org with any questions
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