2019 Kansas City Grilled Cheese Festival - Grilled Cheese Vendor Application
This form is for restaurants for food trucks who are interested in being a Grilled Cheese Sandwich vendor at the festival. The sandwiches are the star of the show and each restaurant will need to prepare at least 500 sandwiches or 2,000 samples to be successful (1 sample = ¼ of a sandwich).

This form is for Grilled Cheese Food Restaurants or Food Trucks ONLY, if you are interested in participating as a non-grilled cheese vendor, please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/RJYZPboYP9qS2Sfo2.

Location: Berkley Riverfront Park
Date: Saturday, October 5th

Attendees will pay $1.50 or $3 for each sample. KC Crew will receive 10% of the profits from sandwiches and sides with each vendor. Tokens will be used to purchase sandwiches and sides. Those tokens will be collected at the end of the event and profits will be determined from the number of tokens collected.

Grilled Cheese Vendors must sample a classic grilled cheese and a melt grilled cheese, as well as a soup. Classic samples will cost $1.50 and melts $3, soup can be priced at $1.50 OR $3 (chef's choice). We also encourage side dishes, such as chips, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, etc. and desserts, such as cookies, brownies, cake, ice cream sandwiches, etc. These will also be sold for $1.50 OR $3 to match the token prices and you may determine the price for these.

Have questions? Email katy@kccrew.com.

I understand that I am applying as a Grilled Cheese Vendor and that the upfront fee is $150. *
I understand that I will make 90% of all grilled cheese sales from the day. *
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I understand that I need to apply for a temporary food event permit through the KCMO health department at my own expense to be able to serve food at the event. (Applies only if you don't have a mobile permit.) *
I understand that there are no refunds once payment has been made. *
I understand that I need to send my company's logo in hi-resolution, vector format to KC Crew to use for promotion. *
I understand that I will not be added as a vendor on the website until the invoice is paid. *
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