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Every single county in West Virginia was completely closed for over a week while students, teachers, faculty and staff were on strike demanding a 5% wage increase. They got it.

Parkland students in Florida, through tragedy and grief, garnered power and demanded a televised response from our representatives on how they will, or will not, protect our lives while in our classrooms.

Students at universities across the country are putting their administration on blast for refusing to acknowledge that basic human rights are not being met on campus; deplorable food, lack of safety, and dangerous housing top the list for why students are organizing.

Unlike anything we’ve seen in quite a while, youth and student organizing is taking center stage. People across the country are waking up to the fact that young people face the brunt of the most disastrous global crises the world has yet seen. As students from across all demographics and regions, it is our duty to hold our institutions accountable for what they are, or are not doing.

Today our universities are supporting a racist, dangerous, consolidated food system. They have consistently refused to prioritize student voices, the people who grow and prepare our food, and the communities and places our food and water are extracted from.

In this moment we are hungry for community. We are hungry for strategizing. We are hungry for action.

We are hungry for food justice.

So mark your calendars:

You are invited to the National Food Action Summit August 31- September 3 at Western Washington University! This is unlike any summit we have put on before, and as such, we need you to join us for the launch of our new strategy to challenge university support for Big Food.

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