Ark Stickers
Get Ark Stickers! lets you send or receive real-world Ark stickers anywhere in the world, probably. Take a moment to learn how it works with this FAQ and form.
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All-New Circle Sticker!
Who are you?
I am an Ark community member and enthusiast who wants to send out stickers.
What comes in the envelope?
Stickers. Assorted Ark Stickers!

All the stickers you see above are included in each order.

There will also be a one-page document explaining what Ark is, so, you can use this form to give someone else some stickers and show them what Ark is and does with said document. The document is on Ark technology and goals and will not contain financial or investment advice. The information is freely attainable online and the document will not contain any privileged or "special info."
How are the mailing addresses stored?
The addresses are stored until the mailing is done, then they are deleted forever and ever. You can put your initials, unless your country requires your full name. Not putting a name may increase your chances of delivery failure. I don't store the addresses long term like a "list." The addresses are deleted when mailing is done. Lastly, I can assure you that I don't care about you, your name, your Ark address, or your mailing address, and I CERTAINLY will not be providing the information to anyone else. I just want to send you stickers, because you want the aforementioned stickers.

Also, you can move Ark from the exchange to a brand new address, then send the Arks from that new address to
Is this legit?
Yes this is legit, and is fully approved by the Ark Community Fund, whose job it is to help fund and support community Ark-related operations. You will notice at the bottom, the Ark address you send the Arks to in order to get stickers has a genesis transaction from ACF if you view it on the block explorer. This cannot be faked by imposters or phishers. The ACF deserves our sincerest thanks for helping make these stickers possible!
I typed in and now my browser shows a URL not associated with, is this normal?
Yes this is normal, because forwards to this simple Google Form. This is temporary until I expand the operation and can afford to pay monthly fees for a full website. If you go back and type in, you will see it come here, showing everything is normal.
How much does it cost?
Right now, the cost is 2 Ark per sticker set, whether or not you are in the US! I will adjust the Ark price as Ark value fluctuates. For the record, I am in the US.
Do you send out the stickers right away?
To save time, I process sticker packs in batches, and batch processing time varies based on volume.
I live in (country name), will you mail stickers there?
If you submit any mailing address in the world, I will put that exact address onto the envelope, pay the appropriate postage, and drop it in the mail. How long it takes to get there and where it is at any given moment will be unknown, though.
What if the stickers get lost in the mail?
Maybe it's just taking a long time to get there, but the stickers are sent out without tracking numbers and with simple stamps. So perhaps there is a small chance they get lost in the mail. But because there is no tracking, it can't be proven that the stickers never showed up. So, you will be assuming all risk regarding stickers getting lost in the mail. You can pay again and perhaps use a different address just in case that was the issue. Mention what you think is going on in the special comments, and I'll include more stickers the second time around, to help. I always use correct postage when mailing the stickers.
How do I get in touch with you?
You can send an email to but responses will be slow, as we are talking about stickers and not liver transplants.

You can also tweet directly at @ArkStickers!
What will you do with the Arks you receive?
HODL. Although I may also take advantage of certain sponsorship opportunities to increase awareness, if they accept Ark.
What if I want multiple sticker sets?
Pay more Arks to receive more sticker sets, but you will need to mention this in the special comments on the bottom of this form. For example, "sent more Arks, please include more sticker sets."
What if I order stickers while you're out of stock?
Before I go out of stock, I order more stickers. So this will not be a problem. You can request stickers at any time and receive stickers.
How do I know if you have abandoned the operation?
If the site's up, the stickers are available. We Ark supporters are equal parts intelligent and responsible, so be not afraid. Whether it's 2018 or 2118, stickers are going to get sent. Yes, I will still send stickers from the grave.
Convince me one more time this is legit.
You are a person who either wants stickers, or wants to send someone else stickers. I am a person who has stickers. This is how business is done. My guarantee to you is that if you fill out this form and pay the necessary Arks, I will put stickers in the mail. It's a rather simple proposition, really.
I feel like you say "stickers" a lot.
OK, I would like to buy these stickers.
Great! Hard to imagine it took this much FAQ to convince you, though. They're just stickers. Fill out the form below and pay the Arks to receive the stickers.
Should I put anything in the smartbridge field of the transaction?
You can put nothing in the smartbridge field, but if you put "" it would be appreciated!
Scannable ArkStickers Address
Pay the Arks or Submit a Code *
Payment Ark Address
Put the payment Ark address here, so I know that your payment is successful. DO NOT PUT YOUR PASSPHRASE HERE! That's the one with all the English words. Put your Ark address, that's the one with random characters. I will see your address on the blockchain payments, and then send the stickers associated with this submission. Leave blank if you put in a Sponsor Code.
Your answer
Do you have a Sponsor Code?
You can get your stickers for free if you have a valid Sponsor Code. Ask around on Slack, Telegram, or the subreddit weekly discussion thread to see who is offering Sponsor Codes. Each code can only be used once. You do not have to send a transaction to ArkStickers or enter a payment Ark address if you use a Sponsor Code. Just check the box and continue as normal!
Redeem Sponsor Code Here
Your answer
Mailing Address *
Put the mailing address for the stickers to be sent to. USE ALL CAPS. ALSO PUT YOUR INITIALS OR FULL NAME FOR BETTER DELIVERY CHANCES. Press enter to use multiple lines, as it will be printed exactly onto the envelope. You can put any mailing address in the world, so long as it's valid. Put country name on the last line. If you make an error, I'm not responsible, it's going out as is. I don't keep records for security reasons, and I delete mailing addresses after stickers are mailed out.
Your answer
How will you use the Transparent Glow Sticker? *
Special Comments
You can put anything you like here, or nothing at all! But don't get it twisted, I can't do things like change around what stickers you get or things like that. You will get what is described. It's all highly automated.
Your answer
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