Parks & The Resilient City
The statements below outline overarching ideas that we hope to explore at the 17th Annual Parks and Greenspace Conference. Please provide your thoughts, reflections, ideas and responses to our open ended questions as we begin to frame next year’s conversation.

Planning for Resilient Parks
As we create new parks, how are we planning with a resilience lens? How are we optimizing our existing network of parks, greenspaces and trails to withstand and recover from disruptive events as well as more gradual changes (e.g. flooding events versus increased use associated with growth)? How can urban parks be designed to address the stresses of a changing climate? How do we ensure a funding stream for parks that withstands economic downturns and supports a city’s increasing need for great parks as it grows?
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Parks and Community Resilience
How can we strengthen parks’ role in creating resilient communities? What role do parks play in shaping and enhancing a neighborhood’s identity? How do well-activated and maintained parks deter crime and increase neighborhood cohesion? As our city and region grows, how do we plan for welcoming parks as part of inclusive communities?
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Parks and the Resilience of the Built Environment
How can we maximize parks’ impact on reducing the urban heat island effect? In what ways can parks, greenspaces and trails help to alleviate the stresses of increased urban density? How can parks create resilient cities by reducing the effects of flooding and drought through rain gardens, bioswales and other green infrastructure? What role do parks play in creating sustainable cities?
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Parks and Ecological Resilience
How can parks support ecological networks that are stressed or compromised? How can pollinator gardens and animal habitats in parks enhance the natural world around us? How can we maximize the role trails play not just as transportation corridors for walking, biking and transit, but also as natural corridors that support the ecology of our city?
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Other thoughts?
What topics would you be interested in learning more about at the 2018 conference?
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Are there specific speakers you'd like to hear?
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