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Area Leads are volunteers who head up individual areas of the MakeICT Makerspace. They work directly with members to assess area wants/needs, and work directly with other MakeICT leaders to communicate those needs and satisfy them. Area Leads work to ensure their respective areas are safe, stocked, and ready to make. They take ownership and responsibility for the culture, equipment, and activities within their area. Area Leads collaborate with membership to decide what activities and equipment belong within their area, and any rules or policies that need to be followed.

Area leads are appointed by the MakeICT Board of Directors to hold their positions for one calendar year. Assistant area leads are appointed as needed by area leads.

The areas here are not set in stone and may be redefined, renamed, rearranged, created, destroyed, combined, split or glitter sprayed by the board.

The last day to sign up is November 27th 2018.

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Area leads must ensure that safety courses are offered every 30 days or more, with at least one future course on the public calendar at all times. Will you be able to teach, assist, or delegate the teaching of these safety classes? *
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