The Walker WORKspace Use Request
The Walker College of Business supports experiential learning and collaboration in the Walker WORKspace by fostering diverse and collaborative programming and events to benefit the local community, including:

• Public-private project partnerships
• Consulting for business
• Ideation work
• Team project work
• Group discussions
• Case study work
• New business idea generation
• Workshops
• Speaker Series
• Listening Projects
• Entertaining new ideas

Encouraged themes include: sustainability, creativity, community engagement, technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, problem seeking and solving. The college provides the administrative framework, and, in conjunction with the Dean of the Walker College of Business, Managing Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship Erich Schlenker ( oversees the creative direction of the facility.
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Please provide a description of your project/event and your plan, with attention to our priorities of community engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration that benefits the community. Please make your description as thorough as possible, thank you!
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Please note that when possible we prefer to host events that are able to work with others' events' needs. This is a community space and we hope to be exemplified in the events we host. Therefore, be prepared to share the space with other events. Thank you!
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If so, please follow the link to the alcohol request form for those within the university: Note: liquor may never be served on the premises.
Next Steps
Thank you for your interest in utilizing the Walker WORKspace. Your request will be reviewed within 48 hours. You will be contacted If more information is required. If approved and space is available additional details will follow.
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