Thy Geekdom Con 2020 Cosplay Guest Application
Cosplay Guest applications are open for individuals who make their own costumes, have a significant social media presence, and truly are passionate about cosplay.

Applying to be a guest means that you intend to attend the duration of Thy Geekdom Con.

If you have any questions, email us at
Guest Expectations
- You are to host at least one cosplay or fan panel. We ask that you host a unique panel. It can be cosplay or fan related. General panels like cosplay 101 or cospositivity will not be accepted.
- Attend each day of the convention.
- If given a half table we expect you to have it set up prior to the convention Friday and remain set up until Sunday after the convention closes.
- You are to post about the convention on your social media accounts multiple times leading up to the convention
- When you post about the con you are to use appropriate tags and hashtags.
- You are also to join and share the current years Facebook event page.
- 2 free badges for you and a handler/partner Any other badges will need to be purchased normally.
- You may request 1/2 of an 8 foot table to sell cosplay related items only (prints, hand made props, custom costumes, etc) Read rules below for more info.
- Promotion on convention social media pages as a quest.
- Listed on website guest page.
- Cosplay Guest badges are not transferable or to be resold. Any individuals caught transferring or reselling Guest badges will have the badges revoked and will not be able to apply with us in the future.
- If you are provided a cosplay table, you are to sell cosplay related items only. These items are limited to prints, handmade props, and custom made costumes.
- You may not sell items unrelated to cosplay, items purchased third party to be resold, illustrations, live steel or anything that belongs in the dealer or artist areas of the convention. If you would like more clarity on what is acceptable please contact us.
- You may not enter the Hall Cosplay Contest but may enter the Masquerade.
- You do not have the ability to skip ahead of lines.
- You do not get free autographs from guests.
- Harassment, bullying, or any forms of aggressive behavior is not tolerated by anyone at the convention. Any such behavior may result in removal from the premises.
- All cosplay guests must be at least 18 years old.
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